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    Staff Application
    **please only apply 1 time a month**
    1. What is your IGN? BlueFox1337
    2. What are your favorite Minecraft games? My favorite minecraft game is Skyblock, but i like factions and skywars too
    2. Why do you want staff? Every time I log onto a server I always feel like only just a bit more can be fixed or maybe a tiny situation can be altered in a simple way. Well, when I first started playing minecraft I said to myself that there were just some minigames, servers and stuff that you could play and that was it. I never realised how much was behind the scenes and what you could do with a server. One of my biggest goals in life is to make everyone smile who I meet, I don’t know if it is possible but I would like to at least try. Every time I can put a smile on someone’s face it can mean the whole world to me. That may sound a bit corny to some people but it’s the truth and I guess we all have to live with it. I am not applying for that special tag or for those extra commands, yes that is a bonus I have to say but at the end of the day, those are just some upgrades that I can use to help the server and not bring it to its knees.
    3. What will you do to help the community? Well, to help this community I will be an active player, when another player asks me for help I am going to help, because that is what it is to be a staff, I like to help and teach those players who do not know how to play or They simply do not remember anything. I will also be active in the forums, reading and giving my opinion on what people write, may not be the best in this but I will put all my effort to be able to help this community
    4. What will you bring to the community? Maybe many confuse this question with the previous one, but I know what each one means xD, what I can provide to this community as stated above is to be active in the forums as in the game, I will listen attentively to the opinions, complaints Or suggestions from players to be able to have a better relationship with them, I will try to get along with everyone (I hope so) so we can all enjoy this experience in minecraft
    5. Do you have any experience at being staff on any other server? Yes, I have experience being staff on other servers, I started playing minecraft 5 years ago and from there I play only on a server, which grew a lot (I played on skyblock) and on that server I started being a helper after I was moderator until I arrived To administrator, which means that I have learned some commands, and I have experience being a staff. Last year the server closed for reasons x, and from there I was playing on small servers and some I have been moderator but no more than that.
    6. What is your current rank on Watacraft? Member
    7. Do you make Youtube videos? Nope
    8. Do you have Skype or TeamSpeak Yes. i have skype

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